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Let Apollo design a cover you’ll be proud to have on your book.

Cover designs for eBooks, Paperbacks, and Hardbound books

Everyone has been told to never judge a book by its cover, but we’ve all been guilty of doing it. The cover of your book is often the only impression you get to give to a reader, and if it’s not engaging or doesn’t portray the quality of the writing contained within, your buyer may never look twice.

The majority of our clients are authors who are self-publishing their work, and we’ve heard countless times that they don’t want their book to look like it’s self-published. Strange, right? Sadly, at times, so little care is given to the design of a book’s cover that discerning book buyers are immediately able to recognize it as a self-published book. Boring stock photography, lackluster font choices, and little originality in a cover can doom a self-published title. The Apollo design team is dedicated to helping you avoid these pitfalls. We want you to have a book cover design that will grab your readers, stand out from the others on the shelf, and not be shackled by a cover design template that makes it look like just another self-published book.

During your file upload you will have the option to choose Custom Cover Design as a choice for your book. We will assign a professional cover designer to your project, who will talk with you about what you like and your vision for the cover of the book. Your designer will spend up to 10 hours of time preparing cover concepts for your review and finalizing your artwork to give you a book cover that stands out from the competition. This can typically be done by modifying stock imagery or utilizing unique images you already own. However, if you need something truly custom produced by an artist, your cover designer will help you locate an artist who can give you exactly what you need.

Your Apollo book cover designer will work to ensure your cover meets all industry standards. Spine width will be correct, back cover elements will be in their proper places, and your designer will know book industry secrets like what a bookstore looks for when deciding what goes on their shelves. We will create the barcode for your ISBN as part of the design process.

If you already have your cover designed and maybe just need a little help to touch-up on back cover elements, or need to make sure your spine is the correct width, please let us know in the notes section during file upload. Rather than hiring us for a custom book cover we can bill hourly for these types of final touches, which can save you some money. Regardless of the development stage of your cover, the team at Apollo is ready to make it one you can be proud to display on your book.

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