eBook Creation

There is more to creating an eBook than just converting a file.

eBook Creation!

There is much more to eBook creation than a simple file conversion. An eBook that is correctly formatted will be able to work on any eBook device, including smart phones, tablets, computers, and various eBook readers. When we create your eBook we start from scratch. The result is a professional looking electronic book that can be sold around the world. Each eBook is tested on multiple platforms to ensure accuracy and compatibility.

You will receive three different formats of your eBook: a PDF file eBook, an EPub file, and a MOBI file. Most online retailers use the ePUB file; however, Amazon requires a MOBI file, which is their own proprietary format. We guarantee the files we create will be accepted by all major book retailers. Our professional team can create both floating text and fixed position eBook formats. Fixed position eBook files are used for picture intensive books, like text books and children’s books that require the picture to remain at a specific position in the document.

Floating Text: Floating text eBooks are typically used for books that don’t have any pictures, like novels or biographies. If Apollo creates the interior of your book the price is $49.00. If Apollo does not format the interior the price is $150.00.

Fixed Position eBooks: Fixed Position eBooks have limits on image and file sizes. There may be instances where we must resize the images so they fit on the smaller devices, or adjust the image resolution so the file size does not exceed the requirements of eBook readers and tablets. The base price for conversion is $100.00 and then $10.00 for each image. We will review your file and give you a reduced price per image if you have more than 10 images.

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