ISBN and Bar-codes

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Printed Book Packages - Free If We Print Your Book

Single Book ISBN Package. Single Book ISBN Package. Includes 1 ISBN number and 1 barcode. This is all you need if you are only going to print your book in either paperback or hard cover.

Double Printed Book package Includes 2 ISBN numbers and 2 barcodes. If you are only going to have your book printed this is all you need. Each book size and type requires a unique ISBN Number. This package is ideal for, those who want their book printed in both paperback and hard cover.

Complete Publishing Package Includes 5 ISBN numbers and 2 barcodes. This package is designed for those who want to sell their book in both print and eBook formats. Each format requires a unique ISBN number and the printed versions will require a bar code if you want to sell them in book stores. This package will give you enough for both your paperback, hard cover, EPub, MOBI, and PDF eBooks.

Bar-code creationWe can create a high-resolution barcode image file that you can use on your book cover. The barcode is a requirement to be able to sell your book in bookstores.

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ISBN numbers are permanently assigned to your book. The author has complete control over the content and can have the price or information on the ISBN changed upon request. The ISBN number will be listed under the "Apollo" imprint"